Snowflake or Snow-fake?

These resources are centred around students making snowflakes with 6-fold symmetry (real snowflakes always have 6-fold symmetry!) and not 'snow-fakes' - those with 8-fold symmetry, for example. Many of the snowflakes we see on cards, wrapping paper and seasonal clothing at this time of the year,... More details

Origami Tangram

With these resources students can fold their own Origami Tangram pieces (or cut them out) and then investigate the properties of the shapes of the pieces, before solving some Tangram puzzles with them. The activities develop students' geometrical reasoning and require them to apply their... More details

Pi Approximation Using Factors Activities

In this set of activities students approximate Pi by rolling dice and spotting factors between pairs of numbers. Students investigate the probability that two integers chosen randomly are coprime (do not share a factor other than one) by generating numbers with dice and counting coprime pairs.... More details

Tetrahedron in a cube activity

Can you fit the tetrahedron in the cube? This nice little puzzle activity challenges 3D spatial awareness and thinking skills, as well as building nets and reinforcing knowledge of some simple polyhedra.

... More details

Make a dodecahedron from A4 paper!

Did you know it's possible to build a dodecahedron using only 12 sheets of A4 paper?

... More details

Hinged Dissection Activity

Thanks to the Wallace-Bolyai-Gerwien Theorem we know that any polygon can be dissected into pieces and rearranged to match any other polygon of the same area.

... More details

Domino Computer worksheets

Computers work by adding binary numbers using circuits of "logic gates". Instead of an electrical circuit, it is possible to build these logic gates out of domino circuits. A huge network of dominoes is able to add numbers together in the same way a computer processor would, only much slower.   ... More details

Parametric Heart Spreadsheet

Do you ever wish your spreadsheets were more romantic? Using parametric equations, you can construct a perfect heart shape, and this Excel file has everything you need to understand how the equations give the shape, as well as allowing you to edit the parameters and see how that changes the... More details

Fractal Activity Sheets

Fractals are fascinating mathematical objects, and learning about them involves looking at shape, ratio, scaling and geometry, as well as concepts like infinity. To accompany our fractal building worksheets, we have... More details

Mile of π

Does your wall need more digits? We've created a printable version of everyone's favourite circle constant, which you can use to decorate walls, floor and ceiling with up to a mile (1.6km) of transcendental goodness.

... More details

Grime Dice - Lesson Resources

Up and down the country pupils are rolling fair six-sided dice and tallying the results to discover that, unsurprisingly, the chance of rolling one of the numbers is 1/6. How this tedious repetitive rolling became a typical way to teach relative frequency remains a mystery as it removes the... More details

Building 3D Fractals

These Think Maths worksheets have all the instructions and printable nets required to build 3D fractals, both a Menger Sponge and a Sierpinski Tetrahedron. They work fine on A4 plain paper, but when printed on A3 card, they can result in some truly impressive structures.

... More details

Rubik's Cube Solving Instructions

The Think Maths guide to solving a Rubik's Cube will take you through a simple method for solving a scrambled cube. These worksheets accompany the videos linked to below. Watching the videos through will help you to learn a layer-by-layer solve, and the same solving method is outlined on the... More details

Hexaflexagons Worksheet

Hexaflexagons are six-sided shapes made from folded paper which may be 'flexed' or folded, and opened out to reveal hidden faces. They were discovered by British mathematician Arthur Stone in 1939, when his work at Harvard, with their US sized paper, led him to cut strips off his sheets of UK... More details