Ri Summer Schools

21st August 2014 (All day)
  |  Venue: Royal Institution of Great Britain, Albermarle Street, London

Think Maths speaker Katie Steckles will be giving summer schools at the Royal Institution in London on 21/22 August.

Mathematical Origami Summer School: 7-9 years
There are many interesting mathematical shapes that can be made using paper or card. With Katie Steckles, students will look at some fabulous objects they've never seen before and have a go at building them - using their mathematical thinking skills to work out where everything goes!

This workshop is now SOLD OUT. To be added to the waiting list, please visit the Ri's Eventbrite page.
Puzzles and Problem Solving Summer School: 16-18 years
One of the main skills you develop when you do mathematics is the ability to solve problems - from solving simple puzzles to getting your head around crazy concepts. Katie Steckles will introduce students to a range of puzzles to solve, including some famous problems mathematicians are still stuck on! They will use their problem-solving skills to work out how to build mathematical curiosities, mind-bending fractals and some fascinating paper toys to play with.
This workshop currently has places available. To book, please visit the Ri's Eventbrite page.