Matt Parker

Matt Parker, known as the Stand-up Mathematician, can be seen talking about Maths on the BBC, in The Guardian and on stages across the UK - at science fairs, festivals and in theatres. Once a normal Maths Teacher, his first love is still visiting schools through Think Maths to give engaging maths talks and run hands-on activities. Matt talks about Mathematics for organisations including the Royal Institution and the BBC and he was the People's Choice Award in the 2009 national Famelab competition. He was the 2011 winner of the Joshua Phillips award for Public Engagement, and will be Manchester Science Festival's 'Science Communicator in Residence' for 2012. His favourite number is currently 496.

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Florencia Tettamanti


Dr Florencia (Flo) Tettamanti has recently completed her PhD in Fluid Dynamics at Imperial College London.  As an applied mathematician, she enjoys using mathematics to solve practical problems.  She has been working in outreach, giving talks in maths and science, since 2004.  At the moment, her favourite fluid is silly putty. When not modelling fluids or talking about maths, she captains 'Mathletics' a female football team of mathematicians who play in a local tournament.

Katie Steckles

Dr Katie Steckles graduated from the University of Manchester in 2011 with a PhD in Mathematics, and has been working in outreach since 2009. Her area of study is topology and dynamical systems, but she greatly enjoys talking about all areas of maths, to groups of all ages. She has taught Mathematics Masterclasses for the Royal Institution, and regularly performs at science fairs and festivals up and down the country. Her favourite mathematical object is the Klein bottle, and in her spare time she enjoys cross-stitching computer game characters and solving the Rubik's cube at increasing speeds.

Charlie Turner

Charlie is currently working towards a PhD in Number Theory at the University of Warwick: she tries to persuade the computer to solve equations for her! She has been working in maths outreach since 2006 and has been a volunteer for Girl Guiding since 2003. She even developed and ran maths activities for Scouts and Guides at a huge international event in 2007. Her favourite equations are monic polynomials and her favourite shape is the torus. In her spare time she likes mathematically complicated dancing and travelling the world.

Phil Dolan

Phil is just finishing a DPhil in the Department of Materials at Oxford University. Although not technically a mathematician, he has been making good use of maths in his work towards making a functional Quantum Computer. He has been working in outreach, giving talks about maths, since his time studying for his undergraduate degree in Physics at Imperial College, and hopes to progress to a career in academia. He is most fascinated by the mathematical properties which lead to Quantum weirdness and would like to one day understand them much better! He also owns a gecko called Norbert.