Matt Parker

Matt Parker, known as the Stand-up Mathematician, talks about maths on the BBC, in The Guardian and live on stage; but is probably best known for his work on the Numberphile and Stand-up Maths YouTube channels. Matt was once a classroom maths teacher, teaching in London secondary schools, and his first love is still visiting schools to talk to students and work with teachers. He is now also the Public Engagement in Maths Fellow at Queen Mary University of London and author of the book Things to Make And Do in the Fourth Dimension. His favourite number is currently 383.

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Katie Steckles

Dr Katie Steckles graduated from the University of Manchester in 2011 with a PhD in Mathematics, and has been working in outreach since 2009. Her area of study is topology and dynamical systems, but she greatly enjoys talking about all areas of maths, to groups of all ages. She has taught Mathematics Masterclasses for the Royal Institution, and regularly performs at science fairs and festivals up and down the country. Her favourite mathematical object is the Klein bottle, and in her spare time she enjoys cross-stitching computer game characters and solving the Rubik's cube at increasing speeds.

Zoe Griffiths

Zoe Griffiths
After graduating from Durham University in 2010, Zoe trained as a secondary maths teacher and it was here that she first developed her love for maths communication. Zoe then worked as a classroom teacher for four years before taking up a position at the Royal Institution where she created and delivered mathematics workshops for young people. Zoe joined Think Maths in April 2017, making her the newest member of the team. Zoe's favourite number is i and she has been known to bake mathematical cakes. Zoe grew up in Cornwall and enjoys walking and Lindy Hop dancing.