Snowflake or Snow-fake?

These resources are centred around students making snowflakes with 6-fold symmetry (real snowflakes always have 6-fold symmetry!) and not 'snow-fakes' - those with 8-fold symmetry, for example. Many of the snowflakes we see on cards, wrapping paper and seasonal clothing at this time of the year,... More details

Origami Tangram

With these resources students can fold their own Origami Tangram pieces (or cut them out) and then investigate the properties of the shapes of the pieces, before solving some Tangram puzzles with them. The activities develop students' geometrical reasoning and require them to apply their... More details

Our head of faculty was particularly taken by your passion for maths and your command of the students.

Teacher, State School, London

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Your lecture was superb, perfectly pitched and thoroughly enjoyed by all the students and staff.

Event organiser, Solihull

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Pi Approximation Using Factors Activities

In this set of activities students approximate Pi by rolling dice and spotting factors between pairs of numbers. Students investigate the probability that two integers chosen randomly are coprime (do not share a factor other than one) by generating numbers with dice and counting coprime pairs.... More details

Maths Inspiration: Playing for Real - Summer 2017

5th July 2017, 10:00am
  |  Venue: Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, Millbrook, Guildford GU1 3UX
Playing for Real - The Maths Games of Everyday Life is the Summer 2017 series of Maths Inspiration shows. Maths Inspiration shows are half-day maths extravaganzas that will inspire your Year 9 and 10 students. Bring your students to the Guildford show to see our very own Matt Parker in action.... More details

Tetrahedron in a cube activity

Can you fit the tetrahedron in the cube? This nice little puzzle activity challenges 3D spatial awareness and thinking skills, as well as building nets and reinforcing knowledge of some simple polyhedra.

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Make a dodecahedron from A4 paper!

Did you know it's possible to build a dodecahedron using only 12 sheets of A4 paper?

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Hinged Dissection Activity

Thanks to the Wallace-Bolyai-Gerwien Theorem we know that any polygon can be dissected into pieces and rearranged to match any other polygon of the same area.

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Cheltenham Science Festival

3rd June 2015, 10:00am
  |  Venue: Cheltenham Town Hall

Think Maths speakers Matt Parker and Katie Steckles will both be performing at this year's Cheltenham Science Festival. Details of their events are below.

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