Welcome to Think Maths

Matt Parker, giving a workshop
Think Maths is a team of experienced mathematics speakers who visit schools to run workshops and give talks for a wide range of ages and abilities. Our sessions are interactive, engaging and cover mathematical content which will grab the attention of students and inspire them to get excited about maths. We show students the wider world of maths beyond school while giving them a chance to develop invaluable mathematical thinking skills. Our aim is to inspire students to be more motivated in normal lessons. 


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The Think Maths Team

The Think Maths presenters on their most recent day out

Think Maths was set up by Matt Parker, the Stand-Up Mathematician. As a former teacher Matt started Think Maths to go into schools and deliver engaging talks. Matt now talks about maths in the media, is a YouTuber, maths author and the Public Engagement in Maths Fellow at Queen Mary University of London.

Matt is joined by Katie and Zoe, who present workshops and talks, and Sarah, who manages the logistical aspects of the programme. The Think Maths presenters come from a variety of professional backgrounds; Katie has a PhD in Mathematics and Matt and Zoe are former teachers. All three love delivering sessions on all areas of maths and specialise in talking to large audiences and running engaging workshops. They are based around the country, and each have their own delivery style and in some cases their own talks to give.