Ri Summer Schools

21st August 2014 (All day)
  |  Venue: Royal Institution of Great Britain, Albermarle Street, London

Think Maths speaker Katie Steckles will be giving summer schools at the Royal Institution in London on 21/22 August.

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Paper Folding and Problem Solving workshop

6th September 2014 (All day)
  |  Venue: Library of Birmingham

We'll be running workshops as part of this year's British Science Festival in Birmingham, so you can join us and get stuck in!

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"A most interesting and insprational presentation. Our students and teachers have thoroughly enjoyed it. Your presentation has created a buzz amongst the students and they are asking if we could have more sessions like this."

Maths teacher, London

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Domino Computer worksheets

Computers work by adding binary numbers using circuits of "logic gates". Instead of an electrical circuit, it is possible to build these logic gates out of domino circuits. A huge network of dominoes is able to add numbers together in the same way a computer processor would, only much slower.   ... More details

Parametric Heart Spreadsheet

Do you ever wish your spreadsheets were more romantic? Using parametric equations, you can construct a perfect heart shape, and this Excel file has everything you need to understand how the equations give the shape, as well as allowing you to edit the parameters and see how that changes the... More details

Fractal Activity Sheets

Fractals are fascinating mathematical objects, and learning about them involves looking at shape, ratio, scaling and geometry, as well as concepts like infinity. To accompany our fractal building worksheets, we have... More details

Festival of the Spoken Nerd Tour

1st April 2014 (All day)
  |  Venue: Theatres across the UK

Matt Parker will be performing at venues around the UK as part of science comedy extravaganza Festival of the Spoken Nerd, featuring live demos, songs and lots of spreadsheets. The tour runs during February and March. For more information and... More details

"They got a little carried away with [Think Maths worksheet activity] but it also blew their minds. Simple yet effective for maths engagement."

Maths teacher, secondary school

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“I really like the maths lady, I want to be a mathematician”

Year 7 student, London

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"I wish all maths lessons could be like this!"

Student, Salisbury

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