Maths Inspiration, Winchester

4th December 2013 (All day)
  |  Venue: St Swithun’s Theatre

Maths Inspiration shows include interactive talks from some of the country's most engaging maths speakers, followed by a lively Q&A session. For more information, visit

Mile of π

Does your wall need more digits? We've created a printable version of everyone's favourite circle constant, which you can use to decorate walls, floor and ceiling with up to a mile (1.6km) of transcendental goodness.

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"All the groups enjoyed the talk and activities, even sharing some of the ideas with other students in the following days. It created a buzz for maths around the school!"

Maths Teacher, Dorset

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More2Maths: Enrichment day for A/AS Level students

26th June 2013 (All day)
  |  Venue: Keele University

The Further Maths Support Network presents an enrichment day at the University of Keele for A/AS Level students, featuring Think Maths' Katie Steckles, alongside Colin Wright and David Bedford. For more details, see the More details

Maths Inspiration Summer Shows

1st July 2013 (All day)
  |  Venue: Greenwich Theatre, London


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"I don't think anybody has had this much fun with maths ever!"

Event Organiser, Finland

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Grime Dice - Lesson Resources

Up and down the country pupils are rolling fair six-sided dice and tallying the results to discover that, unsurprisingly, the chance of rolling one of the numbers is 1/6. How this tedious repetitive rolling became a typical way to teach relative frequency remains a mystery as it removes the... More details

Building 3D Fractals

These Think Maths worksheets have all the instructions and printable nets required to build 3D fractals, both a Menger Sponge and a Sierpinski Tetrahedron. They work fine on A4 plain paper, but when printed on A3 card, they can result in some truly impressive structures.

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Rubik's Cube Solving Instructions

The Think Maths guide to solving a Rubik's Cube will take you through a simple method for solving a scrambled cube. These worksheets accompany the videos linked to below. Watching the videos through will help you to learn a layer-by-layer solve, and the same solving method is outlined on the... More details

Green Man Festival

17th August 2012 (All day)
  |  Venue: Glanusk Park, South Wales

Katie Steckles will be performing a family maths show in Einstein's Garden at Green Man Festival. For more information, see the Green Man website.