Maths Inspiration, Newcastle

2nd March 2012, 1:00pm
  |  Venue: Theatre Royal

Maths in the Simpsons (Matt Parker)

Entry £7

Brighton Science Festival - White Heat Family Fun Day (free entry)

12th February 2012 (All day)
  |  Venue: Hove Park Upper School, Brighton

Mathematical Magic (Think Maths team)

Hexaflexagons Worksheet

Hexaflexagons are six-sided shapes made from folded paper which may be 'flexed' or folded, and opened out to reveal hidden faces. They were discovered by British mathematician Arthur Stone in 1939, when his work at Harvard, with their US sized paper, led him to cut strips off his sheets of UK... More details

"Entertaining and thought-provoking."

Maths Teacher, Surrey

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"Your lecture was very inspirational! I enjoyed it thoroughly, and appreciated your humour!"

Sixth Form student, Manchester

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