Think Maths School Sessions

The sessions offered run for up to an hour and can be delivered as large group presentations or as smaller hands-on workshops.

Workshops are ideal for class groups, and are usually delivered to groups of up to 40. However in some circumstances we may be able to accommodate more students in a workshop.

Presentations are suitable for audiences of any size, provided all the students can see and hear clearly. However, many of our presentations include a hands-on aspect, which may not be suitable for groups of over 120. The students can either be seated at tables or in theatre-style rows.

We offer many different sessions on topics ranging from topology, number theory and probability to magic and maths in popular culture. New talks and workshops are always in development, and some of our speakers offer their own sessions, based on their personal specialisms. For a full, detailed list of the current selection of sessions on offer, please contact

We have sessions suitable for age groups ranging from KS3 up to KS5. Information about the sessions on offer outlines which Key Stages are appropriate for each session, and unless otherwise indicated in the literature, the content can be adapted for all ability levels. Some KS3 workshops may be adaptable for upper KS2.